The shoe rack was fascinating. It held so many shoes – different sizes, shapes, colors and types. ‘Next time I see you playing in the house, I will break your bones’. ‘Why is your room still so dirty? Clean it up before father gets home’. ‘Drive carefully on the highways’. ‘Be careful who you decide…


‘Despite the accused being found guilty on the charges of knowingly conspiring and murdering two innocent creatures, this court will grant bail on payment of 50000 along with surety bonds of 25000. Case closed.’ The shutterbugs could not stop clicking pics as the defendant left the courtroom, all happy and smiling. The appellant had lost…


The staring match meant his win while the agent was unceremoniously and unconsciously dumped in the bin. The cup finally smiled, there would be no more scalding that day, while poor sugar melted away in the distance.


‘People get so irritating’, her status read. It was her 2nd breakup after months of fighting. Reading the sympathetic comment to her update amidst the drone of a single mosquito, she truly understood the meaning of her words.


‘We want what was promised to us’, the petitioners demanded. A hot piece of lethal lead was all they got in return.

Musical musings

At the Crossroads, finally the Highway to hell met with the Stairway to Heaven, and a Beatle was found. Being lazy, the Beatle flew away and The Doors to heaven closed forever as I bade everyone a Good Night.

The Land of the Kakatiyas

‘Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future too’ – Marcus Aurelius (Roman Emperor, 121 AD – 180 AD) No history class is ever complete without discussing Indian history – an essential portion of which is made up by the Southern rulers and dynasties….

A Red Life

‘Remembering the face of his son, as he attacked and looted his father, all the dak runner (post runner) could say was, “I couldn’t see the face”. ‘ If you had the good fortune to read a bengali short story called ‘Dak Harkara’ by Tarasankar Bandopadhyay, you will be able to easily connect the dots. The…

eternally yours?

“We are very liberal in our mentality. We allow our daughter to do anything she likes. But I have told her, always to marry a Brahmin” “You can do whatever you like as long as the girl is from our caste. We are being very open minded about your marriage” “She’s a very nice girl,…

Between Somewhere and nowhere

The road was still full of potholes and dusty as ever. The huts had increased towards the fields but the laughter was missing. The trees were sparse, the dogwoods all withered and the pines greyish, still standing up to the harsh summer sun. There wasn’t much change but everything had changed. She stepped into the…

spring time

What is life? Is it just our everyday living? Fulfilling our portion of the work in the giant cycle of humanities existence? Is it collecting experiences and having adventures to inspire and motivate others? Do we exist for others or do others exist for you? Or is a journey of the self to understanding? As…

The Lost Civilisation

Looking at the recent week’s news, or rather the news of the past few months, along with the chatter on social media, I sat pondering what irked us so much as to show this level of anger or be such big antagonists. Is it our culture or our upbringing or the intervention of outside factors…